So the results are in. The doctor’s suspicions were correct and I have a stress fracture on my left ankle. In addition, a nice big fibula contusion. Ouch! No wonder it hurts so much. Apparently, the scar tissue and limited mobility from my ankle sprain last January (a gift from my trip to the Dominican Republic that just keeps on giving!) continues to haunt me. Without full range of motion and extension, I am smashing my foot into the ground in all kinds of wrong ways when I run. At least that’s my (non-medical background) interpretation of what the doctor said. In truth, I was pretty surprised to see a big contusion (bruise) on the MRI in a place that I did not even fall or get hit with something. It looked like someone whacked me hard on the ankle (a la Tonya Harding style).

Doc’s instructions were to let the injury heal for a few weeks (already going on what, two?) and no running or walking during that time. Really puts a damper on training. I am allowed to bike and do Yoga (with limitations). I have to tell you that I love bike riding- but when for over a year that’s all the exercise you are allowed to do, it gets very frustrating! (and not easy when there’s snow and ice on the ground). 

Cross your fingers for a speedy recovery! As soon as I’m able, I will be running (or at least walking) and getting ready for the big day.

– Jenn


On the Road Again?

Well I started and stopped this post several times. Here goes. After weeks of battling the dreaded flu, I started training again (yay!). The picture below is from my first day out after being sick.

It was really slow recovering from being so ill. I thought it would be just like any other time I was sick- a few days off and I would be good as new! Not the case this time. The flu really kicked my butt. I had no energy for weeks and small tasks like doing laundry felt like- well running a marathon.

So I went back to training for a week and then we got that snow and frigid temperatures. Went to train on a gravel path and it was absolutely freezing. Normally, I warm up after a mile but that was just not happening. After a few miles I started feeling a pain in my left ankle (same ankle I sprained last year). I thought it was just a little tight so stretched some and kept going at a slower pace. After lots of starting and stopping I realized the pain wasn’t going away and in fact was getting worse. I gave in and walked the rest of the way back. It was still freezing and my poor toes felt numb.

So that was last weekend. The pain did not subside (in fact got worse) so I went back to the foot and ankle doc. He suspects a stress fracture. 😦

I’m waiting for the MRI results so not sure how long I’ll have to break from training but I’m hoping not more than a few weeks. Unlike my sprain that took 6-8 months to heal, bone apparently heals quicker. Fingers crossed and wish me luck!



Post New Year’s Training Update

As you can see, not much activity since the holidays in the training department. There’s a good reason for that! Both sisters are SICK!! Yup, that’s right. Both of us at the same time. The early onset of flu season has claimed 2 more victims and it’s been a holiday season of all kinds of icky-ness over here at Sisters in Training headquarters (ok, my bedroom).

Not to worry! We will be off the couch and hitting the pavement VERY soon. Will keep you updated here.

To prove that my commitment to the cause has not wavered during this temporary respite, here is a picture of the new running sneakers I bought myself for Christmas! What do you think? I had been looking for weeks for new running sneakers, buying (and returning) top of the line (the “best, must have”) sneakers when I found this lower-end mild stability pair from Asics. Turns out they are the same style I used to wear. And unlike the most expensive sneakers I tried, these do not hurt my feet or ankles. They feel ah-mazing! I think this pair is a keeper.


Survived First Team Training

Well I did it!

This past weekend we had our first Monmouth County Team training at Manasquan Reservoir in Howell. It was cold….and it was early…and I’ve been sick….and it’s almost Christmas, and I didn’t get much sleep the night before. A lot of excuses right? Any one of those excuses would have kept me from going to an early Saturday morning Yoga class at the gym, or from jumping on the treadmill. But my team was waiting- including my little sister who got me started on this journey. I couldn’t let them down!

So this is how it went down…

As I mentioned, I have been a little under the weather, so I’ve been taking NyQuil on a nightly basis. I knew this was risky for Friday night, but what’s a girl to do if she has got a mean cold and has to be running outside the next morning? Luckily, NyQuil didn’t stop me from getting up (earlier than on a workday) to trek over to Howell from Ocean County for the training. I was so proud of myself that I was 15 minutes early! And I tried not to get insulted when my sis called me when I was on my way to see if I was still in bed 🙂

So my sister Liz and I arrived early enough to sit in the car together and try to figure out if we were dressed appropriately (we failed on both counts- she ended up dressing way too warm and I was a little too cold) and we then we headed out to meet the group.

I have to apologize in advance because I do not remember anyone’s name- but what a terrific bunch of people! Everyone was so friendly and encouraging (and dressed appropriately I might add) that we felt immediately at ease. I had been most excited to meet Coach Sue after hearing of her awesomeness, and she did not disappoint!

After taking care of business and logistical matters, we listened to an inspirational story from one of our runners to remind us why we were there. A somber moment but one that really brought us all back to our motivation- to help raise money and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Forget all of my excuses from the morning, forget my sinuses and cough- I was going to run like the wind!

OK well maybe I didn’t run like the wind exactly….it was more like a gentle breeze. I staggered behind the full marathon runners and did my best to keep moving. I had planned on walking the first mile to warm up and then leisurely work up to running, but Coach Sue had something different in mind. She started off jogging right away, so we all did our best to follow. I was surprised that I could do that without a little walk first. In fact, I think I ran much more due to the fact that I jumped right in. And you know what, Coach Sue stayed with me the entire time! She is completely awesome! I couldn’t run the entire 3 miles, I have to admit. (I know, 3 miles is not close to the 13.1 that I am working towards, but it’s the first week! )

I am proud of what I accomplished Saturday. At times I felt a little like I was going to die, but I pushed myself to do something different and challenge myself and I did it. I’m also so proud of my sissy ( for training this weekend as well. No matter what her busy schedule is, she made it there before me, ready to go.

Sorry there are no pictures from Saturday, I was still struggling to get up and figure out what was what. But look for a few next week!

Have a great week! And don’t forget about the raffle to win a trip to the SuperBowl! See my separate post for full info.

– Jenn